At Mount Magic we strive to breed sound Bernese Mountain Dogs that exemplify the breed standard.

Our lives with Bernese Mountain Dogs started almost 20 years ago back in the Netherlands with a rescue berner named Chaya. As the saying goes with Bernese Mountain Dogs, they’re much like chips and you can’t just have one. A passion was born!

Our immigration to Canada and the move to our current homestead allowed for a few more berners and we set out on a journey to breed these wonderful dogs and share our passion with others.

During this journey we have become friends with many great breeders from around the world, without whom we could not have realized the quality of our breeding program. Breeding dogs is very much a communal effort and the building blocks are always the work of others. A special word of recognition goes out to our friends Andre and Maria Verscheuren from the Klaverhoeve kennel in Belgium. 


The Mount Magic breeding program is built on the exceptional qualities of our foundation bitch Fiji, Canadian Champion Feeling van de Klaverhoeve. In Fiji we found so many qualities to build our line on:  a sweet temperament, outstanding structure and exceptional longevity on both parental lines. 

Now, many years later we have built a line of well balanced, sound Bernese Mountain Dogs, outgoing in temperament and true representatives of the stocky, working dogs they once were in Switzerland. 

Mount Magic is located on a hill near the shores of Georgian Bay. The Nagel family lives on a 10 acre homestead with their Bernese Mountain Dogs,  some barn cats and other farm animals. Plenty of room for our dogs to run, play and swim. 

Simone is a dedicated breeder, educated in Cynology (the study of matters related to canines or domestic dogs) and passionately shares her knowledge about the breed. 

Reflecting that, this website contains a wealth of information on our dogs and the breed in general. Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.